Uncommon Blog Post Ideas that Attracts Traffic

Blogging is the unique art of converting an individual’s ideology into words, previously this was a predefined niche but now it has become a core component of every successful website. These blogs not only captivate readers but they help direct traffic towards the intended website which inadvertently helps the website create a stronger online footprint.

However, crafting a perfect blog can be quite challenging especially for people who have just ventured into this side of the world!  This is exactly why we have articulated a list of uncommon blog post ideas which will help drive more traffic towards your website. These ideas are given below:

1. Write about something you believe in

One of the best ways to craft a blog that entices readers is writing about what you believe in. When you sit down and start writing about something you feel passionate about, you will see words pour out of you. Don’t think about the reaction you will get, just try to convey your message and explain why you believe so strongly about this particular topic. It shows your readership what you value and gives them something to relate and share common ground with. Chances are there are many people out there with the same opinion as you so you may become a voice for people who are afraid to discuss or speak about those matters!

2. Disagree with the common, publicly held opinions

Okay so if you are writing a blog to make friends, then you should not consider this idea. But if you want to drive a substantial amount of traffic towards your website then consider writing a blog about something that differs from the general public opinion. Obviously, you shouldn’t disagree without any basis; so find something you have or can form a different opinion about and start writing with the intention to raise a few eyebrows. Don’t don’t go disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing. Be authentic and real with your audience and don’t write anything you would take back later. Remember, even with blogs, every type of publicity is good!

3. Write about embarrassing experiences

This might seem a little over the top for many but the result will speak for themselves. Think about a time you did so cringeworthy that even years later it still makes you want to crawl in a hole. People absolutely love hearing about experiences like this. Writing about something embarrassing that happened to you might not be easy but is the perfect way of enticing readers on a whole different level. If your story can make your audience laugh then it has already done its job. People who have also witnessed experiences like yours will automatically share a bond with you and this will also help create a loyal relationship. Remember the idea is to entice readers in such a way that they can feel like they can relate to your experiences.

4. Encourage your readers

If you truly want to craft a blog that entices readers and keeps them hooked till the very last moment, then you should consider writing encouraging blogs for your readers. You need to understand that the news and internet is full of bad news which discourages readers, and honestly messes with their perception of life. You, however, can do something about this by writing blogs that make people feel happy and encouraged. Think about what kind of content makes you happy and just start writing with a smile on your face. You may find this very hard to believe but your emotions will be evident in your writing, so stay happy and write happy thoughts!

These four uncommon blog post ideas are all tested methods which have helped many different websites generate a substantial amount of traffic and have helped bloggers create a strong fan base. Have any other uncommon blog post ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Posted on November 17, 2017 in Blogging

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