5 Reasons You Should Refine Your Blog Audience

5 Reasons You Should Refine Your Blog Audience

A very common mistake many bloggers tend to make is that they go on writing good-quality blogs, but for an audience that they don’t know of.

If you want to make your blogs bring in qualified traffic to your website, you need to know for sure who you’re writing for. You need to know the demographics, the niche that will be reading your blogs. To shed light on the importance of this point, we have jotted down the following reasons why it may be the time you refine your blog audience.

Return on Investment

Every investment needs returns. For blogging, the return is traffic. When you don’t define your audience, you are basically giving away your blogs for free. Not cutting down the audience essentially means catering to a broader set of readers, which contains several users that will not respond to your call to action.

The key is to narrow down the people who are actually likely to buy your products and services. When you start writing a blog, you can direct your focus on that niche audience. Offer them what they want. Create content that your niche will be particularly interested in. This will increase your chances of making the most of the efforts you’re making in writing the blog.

They Define You!

It is not only your content that defines who you are but also the readers that follow you. In fact, experts believe that the very reason why you struggle with creating relevant titles and content is that you don’t have a defined audience.

If you know who your readers are, you would know what blogs would attract them. The reader that comes online to read your blogs will define who you are as a company. Writing random content will attract random people and “random” is not what defines who you are.

Don’t Feed Competitors

The last thing any blogger would want is to feed his or her own competitors. When you don’t have a defined readership, this is exactly what you do. You create blogs that are centered around what you offer because you don’t know who you are writing for.

When you know your target audience, you can take their problems and let them know how your solutions can be ideal for them. When you have a targeted audience, you know what they require and you create content that is centric to them.

Loyalty is Key

It is of utmost importance for you to build your loyal readership. It is an obvious fact that gaining new customers is quite difficult. Once you create a loyal audience, catering to them becomes your first priority!

Defining a particular audience means that they all have something in common. Their values, their problems, they are all the same. This makes it easier for you to cater to them. The best part is, you get to address the concerns of your loyal audience far more accurately than you would of a random customer.

Creativity Comes Automatically

Defining your target audience leaves you free to play with your creativity all you want. You know your audience well, and they know you. This means that you have the leverage to experiment with your creative side and find new ways to address your readers.

Instead of just putting a solution in front of them, you can frame it so they get to understand it in a far better and easier manner.


To put it in a nutshell, refining your blog audience will allow you to do better than your competitors online.

Posted on October 17, 2017 in Blogging, How To

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